buy elimite conceptualize About the author Sybil Paige  is the pen name for (Paige DePonte) who is an awarded photographer, writer, publisher and filmmaker. Her career as a high fashion photographer took her to Europe and New York. From there Paige traveled the globe extensively creating two fine art coffee table books on bio-diverse hotspots and tribes in danger of loosing their cultural diversity. One of which was nominated twice and won a publishing award for spirituality. Paige’s films helped bring awareness of cultural issues and one, won an award as best documentary. She has exhibited her fine art work in Europe, New York, California and Hawaii. Today, along with her children they own and operate a small ranch with horseback trail rides and a burger joint. They created a small gallery space at the ranch and she exhibits her work there seasonally. She splits her time currently between California and Hawaii, when in Hawaii she spends her time in the peaceful quiet of the remote location painting and continuing her writing. Having found a peace in her soul; this very special place is where she enjoys life in recovery; sharing her time with her children and five grandchildren. She loves the ocean, surfing and riding horses. Paige continues to develop her artistry and writing and hopes to release another book about living in ongoing recovery.

facilitate rogaine price Paige is also an addict in recovery and holds her recovery up front as a new way to live.
Getting used to that new lifestyle can be thrilling and challenging. At a time in life when we are supposed to have it all figured out, she is starting all over. A new life, new tools for living. She came to the realization that yes she is an addict. What that addiction is – just about anything that gets her out of HERE. Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, fame, shoes, working out, cookies…. anything. Couple that with severe PTSD, an artistic nature, the whole concept of recovery was frightening.

ranitidine price They suggested changing just one thing.

Everything. This is her journey.

The first book NOBODY’S GIRL is the beginnings of that journey,  what got her into recovery. Kicking, screaming and holding on to old thinking and finally resurrecting a new way to live life. In order to unravel the old wires meant going back to find out how she got wired that way in the first place. Today she is three years into the new journey. This blogs is that journey. Daily reflections shared for anyone in or out of recovery.