Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/5/17 Open- minded.

The basics of my recovery stems from working the steps and using those principals in my day to day life. After a while it feels like ” I got this”.

I write this blog as a personal daily reminder that I’m an addict and I chose to get clean ( kicking all the way) and that even though I love not getting loaded – I can easily forget the way it was or why I’m in a mood. I just started reading a new assignment in a new workbook and I want to share that just halfway through the first chapter I’m awed.

I’m thinking wow just how healthy is my recovery lol. Not in a bad way just gosh there so much this program has to offer. So much simple stuff that really truly keeps me focused on the positive side of life as an addict and ways to make my life so much nicer. Simple stuff. Why is it so easy to be unhappy and so hard to do the things suggested so we can be happy it’s funny. Right? I’m an addict I think a certain way my program helps me get out of “self” focuses me on the big picture. Its guaranteed if I follow this way I’m gonna feel better if I stop thinking about “problems ” – turn them over focus on helping others and less about “me”, service. I feeeel good! I love that I learn every day.

This mornings read was awesome it was a direct hit that made me think about a relative situation and how I can handle it. Its always good stuff! Show mercy not justice it was a good reminder for me. I’m an addict I strive to be a good human I write and share my thoughts as an addict living clean. I like my life today. I actually do. I used to focus in the ” one ” thing that wasn’t right doing gratitude lists directed me back to what is right and there is so much. Feeling grateful to be an addict today, living clean! It works! Don’t give up. Keep coming back! Have a beautiful day!