special info Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/4/17 Talk about it. With so much going on on in the world it’s all over the media life can feel overwhelming.

next page Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/4/17 Talk about it.

how to order priligy I read this scholars thoughts on the recent events last night. Her take was that in society today it’s “not ok” to get help- meaning we are meant to feel ashamed to talk about our frustrations and feelings we are given medication to calm us alcohol and drugs etc. anyway the basis was that there’s no release valve. In mass social media it can allow us to vent and that actually helps I think even though it can feel overwhelming to read. Its kind of an interesting way for us to release.

But it’s not a cure – all. I know for me I am so grateful to be able to walk in the rooms and let my fears and hurts out its amazing how much of a relief it is. I’m never judged for most of the time heads bob up and down in empathy. I leave I go home I pray I wake up I pray I talk to my higher power. I talk to fellows I seek an ear. If not immediately as sometimes it takes a while but eventually what ever is bugging me or hurting me I’ve either worked through it or released it.

I wish there was a 12 step program for the world. I’m a idealist I know,  but when I get sad at the news and it feels so hopeless and scary I know I can keep my focus on that little circle some one showed me in the sand one day. She had me draw I circle around my feet and said “what’s inside that circle is what you can do something about” everything thing out side of it is someone else’s higher powers job. Trust. No fear. Life is good today. Trust. My higher powers got me and yours has you. Staying clean today. Grateful to have a place to go, a program that balances me. I feel incredibly fortunate to be an addict this morning! To have all the gifts I’ve been handed. I’m alive and safe and everything is ok today. I hope you have a beautiful day! If you need help ask, go to a meeting. It gets better it really does! Keep coming back it works. Www.sybilpaige.com