Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/3/17 Get out of the way.

I have to laugh at the way I make plan after plan and my will is all over the place and then my higher power steps in and says hey-look here look here! And only when all else comes to a screeching halt I look for another way and bam its so easy going HP’S way!

Also once aware that I choose a path this path and to listen and am aware what is right just gets handed to me boom! Right! Lol its funny sometimes it takes patience,  but the right way always prevails. When I stop looking looking outside myself for the answers the answer just float to the surface unobstructed by my “self will run riot”. They just float to the top and all is well. I just have to get out of the way stop trying to fix and bend and make things a certain way.

I do the footwork yes.  I do life,  but the more aware I am of what’s truly in front of me the world and gifts just flow! Staying in positive mode helps immensely too. Quiet turn off my idea (Meditate)  of the way it should be and let my higher power truly take the wheel. Life is good today started my new assignment on the principals in recovery with my sponsor. It really is amazing stuff. Back to Learning mode I love it.


Staying open and receiving new information. Gosh it really is easy when I think about it once I get out of my own way! Lol! Life is not about struggling. Honesty open-mindedness and willingness are such keys! Living clean and serene! Have a beautiful day keep coming back it works! Back up on the solos systems out there in the wilderness so the posts should finally be regular here as on Facebook! Than you for you patience !