Keep Going. Don’t give up.

Sometimes we want to give up. Wait. Tell yourself tomorrow I’ll give up. But today just for today, keep going.

Occupy yourself with action. Even if it is just going for a walk. Movement in any form is movement forward. Walking is good it is an unconsciousness ( we have to walk to somewhere to get what we want)  a positive action. Walk. Five minutes. When the blood is circulating it gets to our brains, along with oxygen. Drink water. Replenish.

Sometimes I have remind myself to move! Get up and move. Once I do I’m not stuck. Same with recovery stuff. Just move forward a little each day. Five minutes. Breathe, write, hit a meeting call our sponsor all good forward actions. I did not get clean to stay stuck. It is up to me though what I’m willing to do. Willingness to just push forward when the day is over I find my attitude about giving up has dispersed. Long forgotten with the days activities. I’ve gotten through another day clean. One day at a time, having a life one day at a time. It’s possible. Have a beautiful day today. Keep coming back!