Recovery means freedom from people places and things that cause harm.
Most addicts if not the human race survive dysfunctional childhoods. I wonder if there is a normal anymore right? So where do we do we find our way once we get clean. How do we begin to know right from wrong who gets to be in our new life and who we need to stay away from in order to protect our new found serenity. We test the waters our limits we learn to trust our gut now that we can feel it. We know the difference between what’s happening today from the past and we know when people places and things do not serve our lives and maintain freedom in recovery. These can be tough decisions. I’ve learned that just because I’m clean and practicing recovery it does not mean everyone else is on the same page. That has meant walking away from people places and things. Relationships can be the hardest. In recovery feelings run deep. We feel everything. And there’s nothing wrong with protecting ourselves. They say you grow in recovery and sometimes like growing spurts it hurts. But when we get to the other side knowing how fortunate we are to have learned self respect trusting our higher power to always reveal the truth we can make clear decisions.
Today my life is much smaller, tighter and more serene in spite of the upheavals and roller coaster ride this year has been. But the other side of it has defined a safe place weeded out the past and pain and insanity. My life has no room for sadness today. It’s a process of creating the life we deserve without the things that cause us to stay stuck in the past. Such a process when we start we have no idea what will be revealed but I know this there is an astounding gift at the end. Freedom. I am so fortunate to have my little family that’s growing day by day. Each smiling face. Each a blessing I’m so grateful for. Thankful for my recovery and the freedom to live and have a family that loves and understands me. Keep doing the work trust yourself build the beautiful life you always dreamed of surround yourself with those that love you! Meetings family sponsors fellowship. Get filled up!