source link Giving gratitude.
It’s not so hard to be grateful today. I’ve been reflecting on those that fought for our freedom. Not just The armed forces but all who fought battles to guide, enlighten, teach, those who lost battles with diseases including addiction and alcoholism and many more.
We were going over a tradition in the meeting yesterday. I love the traditions because they remind me further that the 12step program guides us to a place where we are able to help others be an example that it works. One day or multiple years. Going to meetings is for me about saving a life, mine. And in the process we help each other save each other. It’s a we program. I love that.
Living out here it’s so easy to say ahhh I don’t feel like driving all the way there today. But I know I need that reminder and who ever else shows up needs what they need. I always walk away with something always. I love the faces I see come back each week I watch how we are growing in recovery the light that shines the color comes back the beautiful transformation that occurs- yet I know it’s a delicate balance for each of us. Getting out of self and showing up once I’m there I’m grateful. There is a lot of hope in the rooms I get filled up. I’m grateful I’m still here I’m grateful for the meetings I’m grateful for recovery warriors today. Thank you all for showing up. One day at a time we recover. Have a beautiful day.