Loving yourself. Oh what does that mean!

When my sponsor first suggested that I do things for myself I could not comprehend what she meant.

Part of my addiction was to do for others so they would love me. I needed to feel loved and accepted (we all do) but I would run myself ragged trying to please people but doing so because I had no idea that anyone could and would love me just for me. My training did not allow me to just be loved. So I either ran people off or I ran myself into the ground Trying to make everyone happy desperately vying for love and acceptance.

Humans period can not live without love and acceptance and thrive. We learn this in meetings. Unconditional love and acceptance and you know? It can feel so weird right! At first we are suspicious!! Then we begin to understand the way it works in the rooms. Eventually we learn this with ourselves and then to take it outside.

Honesty what makes you feel better being grumpy or being happy. I’ll take the latter. Today I’m excited it’s Sunday beach meeting yay!! And one of the group is celebrating a year! I’m excited oh yes!! That’s a huge milestone! What keeps us coming back doesn’t always matter it’s that we do and then one day we are a year in and we are …. happy. It is possible,  I remember how dumbfounded I was at a year, how did that happen? It started with love and acceptance and grows over time to loving yourself just enough some days to keep coming back!! It’s a beautiful day live yourself and hit a meeting! If no k e has told you yet today they love you- I am!! I love you have a wonderful day! Keep coming back it gets better every day! Www.sybilpaige.com