Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections It’s all good.


I love the reading this morning it was a grateful reminder that everything can be good for us. In the way of life’s happenings. Opportunities for growth.

It can be a challenge sometimes I’ll admit when painful things happen to find the good in it, but for my survival in recovery it’s a necessity. Life is not always gonna flow they way we want and we can either adjust to the new flow or struggle against it. Sometimes we change the boat we are in or use a different paddle or stroke and then the ride gets smoother right? It’s funny I never liked being told what to do by superiors- anything period. The why came deep when your a child being told to do something you know is wrong by your supposed superiors and it is bad then you hold the memory a long time distrusting on a very deep level. Especially if that was a recurring situation. To unravel that takes time and patience-self patience and trust. Learning to trust is a process for me. Four years clean I still work at it. However with the tools and the steps and knowing to err is human I’m no longer a child I can say no, I can trust my judgement today. I do not have to repeat situations.

I can trust in my HP. It’s taken a lot of work. Like a hermit crab in the beginning now more like a bird trusting its wings. The steps in recovery help us drop that shell we carried around and hid in and gives us wings. Fly. Today anything is possible in recovery even trust in our selves. We are all ok. We are only as sick as our secrets they say the steps give us freedom. Have a beautiful day. Keep coming back.


But the book :