Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 5/24/17     Simple surrender.

I have to admit that another awesome gift of recovery is learning when to surrender. I was never one to quit, even if it ran me into the ground,  admitting my way was not working was incomprehensible.

The first year in recovery was a huge insight into this mindset. Step one. On one hand it was a given; ok using just isn’t working for me anymore. I was willing to listen. However looking at my patterns for survival was a bit more difficult to admit that maybe I could at least try doing things differently and see what happens.

Whenever situations arise repeatedly I’ve learned it’s my HP giving me an opportunity to change MY behavior. It’s always an interesting exercise and more often than not I struggle literally against the tide hahaaaa. Stubborn? I don’t know,  more just my defense mechanisms run deep. Protect at all costs.

Learning to relax into a process is definitely the best route lol , but we all reach surrender of character defects our own individual way. Sometimes it easy aha!! There’s the culprit (CD) ok your gone!! Other times it may take repeated situations to realize what is causing my discomfort. Sure it’s out side events that happen but it how I handle them. Ok I’m only human HP, I say easy does it. Surrender can be if I let it like floating in the ocean just releasing all that stuff that doesn’t work anymore. Living in a new way means letting go of old ways. Floating into recovery today. Allowing the universe to lift me along trusting the process with ease. It’s all ok all of it. Trust. More each day brings positive results these days! Working those steps! Onward the journey continues! Have a beautiful day !!! Smile we are ok no matter what staying clean and living in hope.

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