Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 5/23/17 Keeping it simple today.
Learning to not over complicate things is my goal. My addiction tells me all kinds of things. It can take a headache and make it a life threatening incident lol. Add in the writers imagination and exemplify that by 100 and well. Learning to keep it simple and stay in the moment eliminate chaos and drama and be happy with a beautiful life. Nothing is as bad as my addiction tells me. And it’s a revelation to understanding that, I don’t have to buy into it. A cool exercise has been. “Is this really what’s happening ?” That one self inquiry can eliminate literally all fear. PTSD. It’s part of my story. It’s what fueled my addiction how it manifested in my life could destroy everything I build up if I’m not present. I’ve had close calls in recovery. Staying in realty recognizing what’s happening having a good laugh at my thoughts and moving on. Self obsession. Big character defect the human race as a whole deals with. Empathy. And forgiveness. All good stuff to start the day.
We all need a little Love and kindness today. Cyber hug to everyone. It all going to be ok. Thankful to my higher power for lining this up especially when I could not see the way. Patience. Have a beautiful day, keep coming back it works when we work it. Thanks for being here!
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