Vigilance. We keep what we have only with vigilance… it’s a quote in Recovery.

As an addict vigilance paid off – you know going to any lengths to get what we want – and we did. When I set my mind to getting and finding – I got. So with this same useful action applied to recovery – there’s no way I can’t stay clean!!! So far it’s worked. I also apply this to other areas of my life I am tenacious to a fault they say. But I get results these days it’s about positive results. I heard some unsettling things the other day at first I was hurt then angry then I started laughing out loud actually as I thought- hey consider the sources!!!! And I just had to laugh at myself, it’s good to laugh at how silly we can be when we start thinking on the crazy thoughts roll right? Today thankfully I laugh – hey wait a minute- that’s so silly why are you all worked up. Todays about integrity action. What does that mean? It just means that before I take a negative stance I’m pausing and I either decide to respond later ( after I cool down) or not respond. But here’s the deal – not to obsess on something I’ve decided to let go of and be in the moment. Being in the present moment ahhhh this is such a great tool – I forget it all the time!!! Where am I? What’s real? What’s not? Is this important? Is it not? Who am I? What should I do right now? In this 5 second process I get present.

I focus on right now and that’s it. I can handle anything right now. The rest is usually stuff that can be handled one at a time in that moment- follow? It’s a practice for some it comes naturally they are just born that way. Some of us have to learn to be present. I’m so grateful for the tools that make life easier I can’t blame that I didn’t get any when I now have them – no excuses for me today. Practicing being present. Have a beautiful day. Keep coming back it works!!