Big time forgiveness challenge.

In my book I talk a lot about forgiveness by way working the steps and through this process (it’s a process) and forgiveness is achieved. The beauty is that now having practiced with the tools I can use it at anytime for any resentment I’m holding on to, even the small ones as they build up and like my meditation reading this morning said it’s like carrying around a huge bag of heavy stones )probably aggravates my back LOL ) stress does put a lot of pressure on our physical existence as well. This weekend’s going to be a practice in forgiveness I already started praying for our stalkers but I am doing a little more work this weekend – why – we have a court date on Monday. They will either show up or they won’t and this will be the beginning of the end of this horrible situation. As I said the other day people who abuse have most likely been abused need the positive energy more than most. I have too many beautiful things going on in my life today to be part of negative feelings. I love this program I love the freedom it has given me I love that I can wake up every day clear my beautiful tiny house (compulsiveness comes in handy if you live in a tiny house we definitely need to have things in their proper place otherwise it just becomes clutter hahaha!!)


I’m pretty happy today I don’t have that sinking feeling in my gut that I grew up with anymore because I don’t carry around The pain and resentment into my present day life sure we been through a lot in our lives each and everyone of us and we got hit again the other day but it was just sad I was so sad to see that this person is still continuing to try and hurt us and it just made me feel so much sorrow for this individual and I prayed very hard for them I really hope that the prayers work for them I only have love in my heart for this person because they truly truly need all of our love please say some prayers for those that are hurting today and those that are hurting others I know it sounds like an odd request but that’s where I’m at today praying for everyone who is suffering have a beautiful day keep coming back it really does work!!!