Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 2/3/16 Reality.  That’s right I’M BACK!! Finally got a good connection hooked up so I can start posting daily again!! Hopefully you have been following on Facebook till now! So here we go restart!!!

There’s this part of my fourth step my sponsor has me do it’s called my fears. When we go over it she asks me if they are real or not. It’s an amazing revealingly moment. And one that reminds me that every single thing I’m afraid of is in my head it’s either not really happening (I just afraid it will) or it’s not true at all ( paranoia) and so on. That as long as I’m alive and walking in truth and I stay focused on reality not what my addict thinking tells me the world is ok. And more over I’m ok.

It’s like lawyers I also walk in frustrated and upset and they just partition things and handle them one at a mine with complete sense of it’s either this or that. And if you want to do this you have to do that. I begin to relax. So with life this matter of fact thinking can also work. One thing at a time. Making choices based on reality not insanity. Today I get to have three of the kids and seven grandchildren together first time in a long time I can’t wait!!! It’s why I came home the main reason. Family. As we all have gotten older and recovery is working in my life it has helped everyone in their lives too. There is no down side to recovery the gifts are immense. Being a gorse of recovery and reality is important at this time. I get tired with all that’s going on I have had no energy for my book but at the end of the day there will be time for everything I’m sure of that. One thing at a time. Staying in reality we will perceiver and I know as long as I stay clean we can accomplish anything. Life just for today is good. That is what is important staying out of fear and firmly in recovery. Still clean still coming back. Have a beautiful day!

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