Traditions. I love the traditions.
I don’t bring them up often but they also play an important role in my recovery. How? Well I’m concentrating on 1,2,3 harder than usual right now and at our beach Mtg yesterday we read tradition two. It talks about how it works with step two. When I worked the steps the first time just getting through those was plenty to wrap my head around lol. When I finished my first round my sponsor started me on The traditions with a huge groan – I began but then I began to realize when I started working them how useful they are! Steps help us with us. Traditions guide us with others. Addicts think in singular and the traditions guide us to thinking outside of that habitual self-centered-ness and to bring a higher power into the picture too. Ah our higher power how often do I forget I have one!!! I have to admit – quite often!!
With this program with it’s steps and traditions I have learned so much about finding a spiritual path of forgiveness of my boundaries and a higher power with self love and a new perspectives all of which have opened my world up. You’d think with all the travel I’d done I’d be so worldly and I am but as long as I used I was shut down. Singular in a room full of people. It’s strange to look back. Now my world is “smaller” but bigger than I knew possible because what is in it is real. Feeling thankful for this spiritual journey. Grateful they created this amazing program. Recovery of a spiritual life one day at a time freedom from insanity what a gift!!! Have a beautiful day!!! Keep coming back it really really works!!!

Love yourself just enough to work a program !!! All it takes is one day at a time on step at a time then one day you wake up and you have a new life !!

Read Nobody’s Girl Today!