Miracles. Four years CLEAN TODAY !!!

I have no regrets today. I have learned so much this year. While challenging I have made a lot of discoveries. I’m happy clean!!! I won’t trade a moment clean no matter what’s going on for a second of using. Less expectations (work in progress) more faith. Letting go means getting more. I don’t know it all and I pretty happy about that. I am stronger than I think. I love myself it’s ok to be loving and forgiving. My life is less “important” ( showy) but more exciting!!!! I strived to be someone but always felt like like no one. Today I’m someone special and I believe that to my core. Because I finally finally walked through more self doubt and came out of the other side I have gained respect for addiction and how hard it wants to take me down. It almost did a few times this year. It made me think the world would be better off without me and all kinds of lies to get me to use again. I respect it – it’s no game – it’s my life.

Im grateful for my sponsor she always calls me back! I work a program and in proud of that! I am grateful my HP chose her. I’m grateful my HP dragged me into the rooms and told me to sit there no matter what. I love sunrises. I love my family. It’s a good life today. Thank you for sharing the journey!!! It’s a trip well worth taking!! Come home and stay! Keep coming back it WORKS!!! have a beautiful day!! Www.sybilpaige.com