Keep it simple.

Always a good reminder. My addict thinking likes to over complicate.

One foot in front of the other. One action to another. One goal at a time and so on. Life really is simple when you break it down to simple steps  (1-12) simple actions. Simplifying my life is a goal today. Too much of anything can make anyone off balance. Ever heard the saying too much of a good thing. Too much ice cream can make you sick.

Keeping life simple being happy for happy sake. Though I deal with PTSD I know that acting like a hermit crab only makes matter worse. Once tucked inside the shell it’s hard to get me back out!!! I have two more weeks till my neurosurgeon appointment he will have options for me. I am going to take them .

Too much of my life has been hindered by my physical limitations the past four years. I’m not filled with expectations this time just accept the gifts that I hope come. I want to surf, it’s been far too long for sure. Long-boarding always helped my back, so a day on the board will surly inspire!! Back to meditation and it’s helping the healing!! Spiritual healing. Another day clean, gratitude is key.

Have a beautiful day! Keep coming back!

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