read Beautiful Life. It IS a beautiful life.
I took a little break to work on my Step 7 you know humbly asking for ALL my character defects to be removed. I’ll throw them in my morning prayer “ya oh can you remove etc etc…” as kind of half-hearted request.
But lately I’m into pushing past my Daily Ritual” work that Step thoroughly. I got a little help from my HP bringing me to me knees in some areas for sure right!! So it is that I am so aware of my CD’s that I’m totally grateful to have them removed.
All in all I’m pretty happy about the events that pass they always always teach me something awesome! When I’m in it we’ll it can be rough and I working on NOT having to be made frightfully aware of my stuff lol! I just do want to waste energy anymore on negativity. And the result is less drama less expectations more joy more time for happiness um more present. I don’t want to argue over what’s right or wrong we all know true right and true wrong for ourselves we feel it, even using there is that connection to put higher self somewhere inside talking to us. I dint have to fix anyone. Ahhhh such a relief! Today is a good day more positive affirmations daily stay focused on joy. Have a beautiful day! Keep coming back. The steps work for “us”. I love the steps! Pick up my book !!!

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