Rise and Shine. Practice. As much as I love our mountain going down to the sea always serves as a giant reminder about perspective.
I bring up perspective often. Why? Well we all have a different perspective on; well everything. Especially recovery. Life, art, living you know we all see things from our own perspective. When I get upset I try to slow down and see things from a different perspective. How is this person seeing this? Recovery has helped me immensely in the area of perspective.
My sponsor has always given me a new perspective to look at my life just by offering me a suggestion or two, it opens me up to other possible ways of doing or seeing things. The spiritual practice of sponsorship is as old as time. It has been called many things mentoring, seeking guidance from elders and so on. To allow ourselves the opportunity to hear takes humility. To listen.  Remain teachable. 
Probably one of my biggest obstacles I’ve worked on. Like driving down the mountain and opening up my eyes and heart I have a whole new perspective on the place I live. When I go back up the mountain it looks different too, because I’ve experienced something new. I’m seeing the same things now just a bit differently. Like painting; I walk around a piece I’m working on to see it from angles to see what it looks like from different perspectives to add or delete what doesn’t work. How will someone else see this? Trying to see through someone else’s eyes. I like solutions. I believe there is a always solution. Walk around the step work that’s why it’s called step “work”, talk to people who have done them get as much input and then apply it to your life. I love this program. It’s a spiritual practice we help each other find our way. Have a beautiful day. Keep coming back it works!!!! Www.sybilpaige.com