recreate Solid prayer. What is prayer. And meditation. Step 11.
I love the way the steps are full circle. And that they bring us back to prayer and meditation as a reminder that this is a spiritual experience. Recovery is a spiritual experience that bring us a loving god no matter what we call it it is our personal god, we connect to it through the steps and stay connected through the steps. This works for me. I found my god of my understanding through recovery. I found peace in the most difficult of situations and faith in myself and the world when I wanted to turn my back on everything and just numb out.

allegra uk recommend Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 1/18/17: Solid prayer. What is prayer. And meditation. Step 11.

I saw an old friend yesterday. It’s been oh twenty years at least since we talked he was worn. As he pulled out a bottle and filled his jug I felt sad. I mentioned I was just shy of four years clean and how I got clean. There was a little twinkle in his eye. I hope he heard my message it was ever so subtle.
sample I can never forget what I have today nor where I could be.  I’m so grateful! I think my higher power hands me these situations to benefit both. I do not regret getting clean. It’s been the best and hardest of times but I do not regret going through any of it clean. My clean date is just a week away. I don’t know if I’m squirrelly because this year has been so challenging but I do wake up grateful for all my blessings. That can change in an hour lol but I can always come back to it with step three and step eleven. The Reminder that I’m not alone I do have a higher power and it is working in my life today. Keep at this recovery thing it works even on the toughest cases like me who believed in nothing. Today I believe we can all get and stay clean. I have no regrets. Have a beautiful day! Keep coming back it works!! copy