Whats’s Well?

 Struggling with addiction in a world gone mad is not easy. I tell ya I don’t even like social media these days right! Anyway so  I’m finally feeling physically over the cold hump yay!!! and pursuing actively the third step practice yup!  Practice practice repeat!!!

I was thinking about all the political stuff and thought why is everyone buying into the media stuff that’s exactly what they want. Stir up confusion anger and rage. But then again I have found myself from fighting the beast in my situation lol, so I’ve decided this weekend is going to be a FUN weekend. 

I have good zero good news in a while so I’ll make my own!!!

That’s life, we choose happy or chose unhappy. I’m clean today,  whether I’m sick or in pain or whatever and that is what is most important – that I am alive and my life has dramatically changed for the better even on my worst days when I feel like giving up I don’t want to use and that is a miracle.All due to working those sometimes annoying step work activities! There are so many 12 step programs these days its cool! I fully encourage anyone to do at least one round of steps! Its life changing!

I don’t ever want to feel that kind of sick soul ever again!!! So anything after – that is a beautiful day!!! Feeling thankful for all the love in my life for all the good people who have helped out in my recovery and in my situation. There are good people in the world I didn’t believe that till I found the 12 steps. Recovery opens up the world to us!! Get some it’s free!!! Have a beautiful day!!! Steps to a new life begin with the 1st go for it!! Have a beautiful day!! Keep coming back it works!!! Www.sybilpaige.com