Power greater than me. Faith in tough times can well be tough.
As an addict my head can go all over the place I can stay stuck on a thing for hours days unless I practice recovery and spiritual tools of it. These tools provide a multitude of solutions to all my problems real or unreal hah! When I wake up practicing the tool of turning it over is the most essential part of my day. I have to practice using continuously some days. When I sit in a place of assurance that my higher power has got this covered than I feel better I can move on to other things that need my attention and action.

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 1/10/17 Power greater than me.

Writing this blog helps me stay focused in recovery, it reminds me to use the tools I’ve learned in every area of my life. They help me in understanding myself and most important others. Be an example. It’s hard some days, I just don’t think I have it. I’m on minus zero but somehow after my morning meditation I get the strength and I can always do it again at anytime.
Being a fighter I forget I have an army of solutions available and a higher power.
For every problem there is a solution. If I can’t see it I pray about it. This has been a long standing problematic situation here but yesterday I got a little news that may just put and end to this harassment. Now just to get into action. I’ve been practicing hard on my third step and funny enough things are being revealed !!! Go figure!! Turn it over Turn it over !!! I love my life no matter what I would not change a thing. When all of this is resolved I will have gained so much respect for myself for getting through this clean and that in itself has given me strength to keep going! Stick around there is always a solution sometime we just have to practice what we preach! Have a beautiful day!! Clean and serene thank you higher power!! Buy the book today!! You can get through anything!!! https://www.amazon.com/Nobodys-Girl-Incredible-Finding-Freedom/dp/151448935X