xenical canada guide http://toscanabanquethall.ca/23309-buy-orlistat-online.html Giving up is not an option today.

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http://jadafacer.com/68023-minocycline-price.html Yesterday I had a great day I got to hang out with my grandson and we just played and drew pictures and counted he’s going on three. I really needed it. To remember the simple happy moments are what keep me going. Family. Quiet moments. Last week we went down to the beach to collect shells and to be in the most beautiful (this photo) place and just hang out together and check the beach for more gov. signs. Lately I have of course been I reflecting on a lot of things. Family, our future ( never good idea) but in some case like the State plan I have to think about the what if’s and be a bit prepared. Last night I heard them deny their plan and call it an “idea” in front of a huge room full of people. It is on one side, very good, maybe they are ashamed of the “idea” now and considering dropping it as a “bad Idea”. I truly believe that when we create a voice in the dark it does boom loud. I can not give up. I went to my Weds meeting it was full this week and I needed to hear everything from everyone. Being in a room full of recovery is inspiring to me. It reminds me of my primary purpose to stay clean, and be of service. And that I am not alone. And that when I isolate my head tells me all kinds of things. Isolating is not a good idea I need to get out and around recovery – go to meetings.

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Nobody's Girl Daily Reflections 10/6/16 Giving up is not an option today.

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/6/16 Giving up is not an option today.

I bumped it up to three now I need to stay connected. I want to remind myslef that without recovery I would not have the ability to do anything I am doing or facing without getting loaded. I am grateful. Feeling more inspired to keep forging forward in reocevry and a voice for it and recovery in all areas. My goal. To maintain my one day at a time peace of mind by staying clean and working a program. It really does work keep coming back! www.sybilpaige.com Have a great day!