Courage: And what gives us courage?


A relationship with a Higher Power gives us the strength and the courage to stay clean. We know that, so long as we are in our God’s care, we will have the power we need to face life on its own terms.

Getting and staying clean – takes courage to handle life on life’s terms without using to numb out,  disassociate, lessen the blow what ever. Takes courage.

No matter what addicts in recovery need courage and “perseverance” says the daily reading today. So true. My sponsor and I were talking the other day she shared some challenges she has had recently and I told her that because I witness her walk through her stuff and stay clean then she has passes her knowledge of her experience to me and to my sponcess and most important part of this is that I trust her because of it.

It took so long for me to trust, ANYONE. I have had to walk through some very uncomfortable situations clean. I cannot tell you the many times I wanted to quit. Sybil screaming – F-it lets get high. I hit the floor so many times I should have scars on my knees by now. Lol.


Somehow I am still here, still clean. Still walking through things and I have seen some amazing transformations. In my life, my family, my sponcees. I have to think back to who I was when I got here. If you reached out to me I flinched. In life the only way I let anyone in, was loaded – getting used to people in real time has been a slow process. I have learned a lot about myslef. And people. I am still learning that is life. Today I learn. I am teachable. I want to learn I want more knowledge. I am surprised at the changes occurring in my life all the time. I stand up for myself instead of running. I have boundaries today. In using those boundaries I see others take responsibility for their own lives and actions. It is amazing. This works, it really does one day at a time. Recovery works. Recovering a life we were meant to have. Have a beautiful day ! Read the book a story of hope.