Attitudes make the difference.


Yesterday’s post was dark as alas the ol generator died we replaced it and I’m up and running again!!! Yay!!Challenges of off grid living lol, never a dull moment. My son stepped up and handled the situation with grace I’m so proud of him! We have been through a lot!!

So ever since deciding to step away from sandbox of negativity I can’t tell you how uplifted I feel. I don’t know about you but I have to process things. I am obsessive compulsive and this is part of my disease. Now however I did learn something!! I don’t have to save the world – and that some – just don’t want to be saved. Ahhh. This comes from raising an alcoholic parent.  Alcoholic marriage etc. I always felt I had to save everyone as my survival “then” depended on it!!

Today however I do not. The most important thing I have to do today is keep practicing my recovery. Stay in recovery!!! Like with drugs the motto – you can’t get loaded if you don’t pick up can be applied in all areas. Don’t engage- just don’t not even once. It’s hard at first but with practice- walking away from negativity gets easier and easier!!! Working on my relationship with my HP trust, being of service. Walking through the dark forest to get to the other side can be frustrating and frightening at moments then along comes a little light of recovery and we follow that light and eventually we are out and back in the light. I don’t know why my processing takes so long but it is – getting shorter. Also remindin

Nobody's Girl Daily Reflections 10/28/16 Attitudes make the differenc

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/28/16 Attitudes make the differenc

g ourselves that we did come out clean and intact maybe a few scratches but they heal we are much wiser – always there is no down side to anything. We always get something good out of everything that happens – just have to recognize the gift. Like the story of the man waiting for god to save him – and he turns down all the people who come by with boats and helicopters in the flood – he refuses saying he is waiting for a miracle gods sending – he drowns – he gets to heaven disenchanted tells God he abandoned him God says what do you mean I sent you two boats and a helicopter. We have to recognize the help accept the help ( do the work) and guess what – we are saved. Today another day clean- choose to grasp the ladder and save yourself.  Keep coming back it works it really does. Get the book !!!