Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 10/25/16 Practice principles.


Being an example. It’s not always easy “being an example” of awesome recovery,  however if I stick with what has worked till now and just keep at it I find it does c303459591405e73552f39e0d598fd805arry through no matter what.

Like this mornings reading a stellar one. “Place principals before personalities”. Really? In everything????  I scream – no I don’t want to be the nice guy I want …… and ….. but reality is in that moment I’m right there in that dark hole. If I can climb out grab my recovery tool bag dig around I can always find something to lighten my day.

Today’s reading sets the tone for the day. Lots to be a good example for. My family beautiful family, my grandchildren a new child on its way!! Community. Work. Everywhere it says to practice these ” principles” in “all” our affairs. Not just here or there but in every area in the home, work the world outside. It’s not always easy but it is possible so I keep practicing. Kindness empathy and forgiveness. With a stable foundation I may sway in the wind from time to time but my foundation has so far withstood the storms and I’m still standing because of recovery. It works it really does. Another day clean, keep coming back! Have a beautiful day!! Read the book of Hope !!…/…/151448935X