Everyone is important. And everyone has a story to tell.


Yesterday’s meeting at the beach was awesome there was just two of us but the other person has long long term recovery and she shared some great stuff. Just perfect!! We talked about shame, and she really hit the nail on the head.

When people bully others they are in fact trying to “shame” them. And it’s a horrible thing to do to another human. When you come from a family based in shame it can and does bring up triggers and PTSD. She made some suggestions and I came home and did some writing after the beach. One thing is for sure – not everyone who has been abused will abuse,  but unfortunately many do and this is where I can grow.

The bullies probably have come from the same and so are doing the same. I hate to harp on this but I have had to walk through a whole new set of PSTD here and I have came out of it clean. I want to keep expressing that working the steps and listening to others with more knowledge than me in recovery has HELPED me.

Love this ted talk !!!

Once again I have to realize that the abusers was most likely abused. I do not have to take it, and firm boundaries are in place. But also the empathy and forgiveness “heals me”.

Continue to pray for those still in pain and let go.

I also did my writing for my sponsor on this round of Step two, I guess without realizing it my total surrender and deeper connection is what has transpired from all of the past three months. When we surrender,  the fight is over.


Now to focus back on recovery my Sponcees and sharing the message. Still clean. This program works. Keep coming back have a beautiful day. Www.sybilpaige.com

Purchase the book and pass on the link THANK YOU !! NOBODY’S GIRL !!!