The God I am coming to understand has a limitless capacity for love and care.


I will trust that my God is bigger than any problem I may have. Problems we all have them big ones small ones. Things we want to resolve positively and well for our best interest. What if they don’t what if they don’t turn out the way we want. What then? It’s tough in the past it was a great reason to use. F- It! Is the addicts solution. What’s the use. In recovery that’s not an option. So what do we do when we have the F-it’s on the brain. If we give it energy it will grow into a full blown relapse. Recovery is not easy at times we see people around us ” heading out for a drink” to celebrate, wallow whatever. But we can’t. What do we do. We turn to a power greater than ourselves when that obsession is gnawing away at us whispering – who cares it doesn’t matter, it’s just one see I’m fine I can have just one to get though this. We know however it’s never just one. It continues and the more it continues the more we consume and all reason goes out the window.


So we turn to a power greater than ourselves a power that has been loving that gave us another chance to start again and we give that obsession over. It works and if it can do this with our obsession which we thought would kill us what can it not do? My higher power is very powerful I’m still alive. I need to daily remind myself that I have been spared the misery of addiction one day at a time. And to make the most of that day No Matter What. People places and things can let us down but our HP. A god of our understanding will not. It always swings back up hang on and trust the process. Have a beautiful day. Keep coming back.