Thy will not mine.


I have this little image of Jesus kneeling before a a light from heaven it says “thy will not mine be done”. It was my mothers and now its mine I have taken that little framed 2 x2 inch plaque with me everywhere all over the world and it is always in my bedroom. Not being “religious” but rather spiritual I still love it and Jesus. I know that sounds strange and contradictory. I believe in Jesus that he came to save us by teaching us about the holy spirit. So I have carried this around with me and my self will run riot all my life. Me the contradiction within myself : ) Working a thorough step two this time around I am faced once again with the deepening of my beliefs. In the program we get to choose our own I LOVE THAT. Had they shoved anything down my throat I would have balked and ran. I have been allowed my own process my own timing and my own journey. Again I LOVE THAT!


I think “god” loves addicts he made us the way we are as a gift so that we could take this spiritual journey and pass it on to others. WOW! True some of us do not make it. Some if us give up, some are incapable. But I have found as long as I am TRYING, I am on the spiritual journey. I don’t have to get it “right” or follow anyone else’s “way” I can follow my heart and my connection and when I do I feel- amazing. If I had been told who what and how to believe -someones else’s way I would not have even tried. I didn’t trust – you. So how could I trust your faith. In working yes working a program I use step by step instructions keep me on that journey. Round after round of step work. That s what works for me, I continue to explore the steps more more I go trough different trials different joys, different experiences I get to apply the steps and the new set of tools to my life as long as I stay focused and remember it is a life long journey there is no race I go at my speed I stay here and keep at it. No different than a religious s think where people attend gatherings to connect in their faith so do addicts i the spiritual journey of working the steps. Today there are so many different 12 step programs that anyone can use the steps to gain a deeper spiritual life. Amazing. Gratitude list. The 12 steps. Have a beautiful day! Keep coming back it works. Clean another day. Share the book today!…/1514489341