Using the steps in every area. Good


Good morning it’s a beautiful Sunday rained most of the night and this morning everything is bright green, the roosters are crowing, the sun is lighting up the dark clouds as they pass on their way.

The gathering was nice yesterday. I got a chance to feel in my skin surrounded by recovery. Nothing like sitting at the beach dumping all your stuff and feeling accepted and understood. There was a women’s meeting. When I shared, what came out of my mouth was not what I expected to say. I shared about all the stuff that has happened here, and I let it all out! I was exhausted at the end. Mostly because I realized I have a hard time being OK with not being OK. I try very hard to put on the mask that “I can handle anything and nothing is ever going to hurt me”. At a meeting that mask can not stay on, it came off along with the tears and the vulnerability that I don’t show anybody outside the rooms. I realized this am as my jaw was aching that I have been clenching my teeth for 30 days!!! Today I feel much more relaxed. After letting it all out, my body was holding a lot life got a whole lot lighter. It’s amazing what we hold on to without realizing it. This morning I’m feeling more in the solution.

Nobody's Girl Daily Reflections 8/29/16 Using the steps in every area.

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 8/29/16 Using the steps in every area.

I also feel a mini forth step on the horizon. What’s that? It’s a fourth step, in short form. I’m going to do it on the last 30 days to see where I can change. For me the forth step works in any area of my life where I cannot see for myself what “my” issues are. I share that step with my sponsor, we fine areas to strengthen my “self knowledge ” so don’t end up in the same situations again. I love the steps. I love the 4th step!! This morning is our first new women’s step and tradition meeting down at the beach!! I’m excited!!! Staying in the solution. The pain we feel can be eliminated with the steps I know this. It’s my cure for that ails me. I have a disease, it all comes down to me using my tools to be happy. Not survive, but be happy, to enjoy life no matter what is going on!!! Have a beautiful day !! Keep coming back and no matter what you do not have to use again. One day at a time! We heal, we learn we grow, we live. CHeck out the book !