Living according to Spiritual Principles.
14064136_536776189849329_1490652035734073291_nThis morning my addict mind went straight to one linger situation that happened last week. Most of the things that slammed me when I got here are handled and I am focusing on the positive things in my life. Why does my head to straight to the one thing that I feel needs attention?  One I’m an addict and my mind tends to want to find something to use over!! And that my brain just does not wake up everyday full of sunshine! It will go to the thing I can’t control, the situtaion I feel someone has wronged “ME”, the time so and so did such and so forth!
One way I practice is eliminating those things is by living life by spiritual principles. Last week I said something to someone without thinking it through and hurt someones feelings. I apologized right away. I felt my err and corrected it, I thought. I have kept to my amends by no longer bringing up certain things with certain people. I tend to speak whatever is on my mind as it is happening. I am aware that I do this and work on it. Pause. Before speaking. However, it does not mean that the amends will be accepted. In fact a resentment can occur.
Nobody's Girl Daily Reflections 8/25/16 Living according to Spiritual Principles.

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 8/25/16 Living according to Spiritual Principles.

Is that my area to attend to. No. I have done my best. In the past I may have bent over backwards to try gain approval or acceptance. People please. Not today. We learn in the program that if we make amends and it is rejected we have done our best. And let go. We have moved into the solution for ourselves.
Staying on the right road is important to me as an addict. If we are made to feel a continued burden then the area that needs to be addressed in why we feel this way and to make better choices. We choose who and how we relate to others. Sometimes it means letting people go. For now. I am ok with that. If we work a program that does not mean everyone in the world is doing the same. Staying in the “practice” of living right by doing right. Keeps me healthy. When I am healthy, my world is healthy. And you can’t please all the people all the time. It’s not my job today. But I can live right by spiritual principles.
Forgiveness is a mandatory life tool in a world gone mad with hate. Love, tolerance and acceptance. Not hanging on to resentments has been the greatest gift the program has given me. Life is too short for anger. Feeling grateful to be a recovering addict, I’m not perfect thank fully I still get to learn new things everyday. Have a beautiful day! The book: