Life Re-imagined.
14079709_536372656556349_5011987677886872263_nLast night I went to my first area meeting here. I started a new meeting a women’s Step and Traditions meeting and am secretary at a newcomer meeting so I had to show up. Diving in with both feet. When I am of service it gets me out of self. Taking commitments makes sure I get to meetings and helping the newcomer helps me more than I ever imagined. Do I want to do all this? I do, my addict does not hahahha, She would rather find anything other than program to do. But showing up at area was fun, I saw some people I knew and met new people. They are looking for more people to step on on an area level hmmmmmm.. I’m considering, who would have thought right?
Why? Again, it helps me stay clean, but really all of this is not going to keep me clean unless I follow through. Willingness is a good start honestly I’m so surprised at myself but here is the thing they need people to step up here. It’s a small area in spite of the island moto of “party hardy”. It is after all “paradise” and a tourist destination that leads to the idea of life is a party. I grew up here and it was hard getting and staying clean. I had six years and as your read, I left and went to Europe. In a month I was loaded. So place does not matter its program and recovery that does. How I work a program, how I maintain recovery is what keeps me clean. That’s the foundation of my clean time – starts with what I do when I wake up. My mood usually goes to the negative, its just in my DNA as an addict I think. That’s why I read my morning mediation and do my rituals.
Nobody's Girl Daily Reflections 8/24/16 Life Re-imagined.

Nobody’s Girl Daily Reflections 8/24/16 Life Re-imagined.

I had to re- imagine a new life and work daily to get and keep it. It takes work yup steps and those amazing traditions gave me a new life. One where the thought of getting loaded is not my first thought any longer. A few unsavory thoughts may be but those are just thoughts and I don’t have to act on them today. Life RE- IMAGINED. Today I am clean. Today I am happy. Today I have a chance to make dreams come true.Today I can be of service. I read a review on my book yesterday on amazon the writer states that she read the book is starting meetings and the steps! THIS IS WHY I WROTE THE BOOK !!!! This is all I hoped for was just one, if just one addict/ alcoholic decided to get clean I had done my job! I hope it helps more people but feeling very grateful today. Have a beautiful day! Keep coming back. BOOK :